Updating to newest 2017 maps for Audi MMI 3G (Basic or High)


Why pay 200-400 euros for the updating maps, if you can get the same thing for 40 - 80 euros?!

1. Download new latest 2017 for MMI 3G (Basic or High) and latest firmware for your MMI (if you do not have them, we give you links where you can download them). 

2. Then you install the downloaded maps and firmware on your MMI (if you do not know how to do it, we will send you detailed instructions in PDF)

3. Send us an e-mail to info@audi-navi.com with firmware version of your MMI and we will help you to proceed next steps.




4. You have new maps installed and workable ;)


If you have any questions about updating Audi MMI 3G+ please send us e-mail and we will reply to you kindly to all your questions 


We care about our customers and our main goal - to make that every customer is satisfied.


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