Google Maps and all online services on MMI 3G+ without SIM

If you have Audi MMI 3G+ without SIM, using device AMI Online Box you will have Google Maps + all online services.


Connecting AMI Online Box to MMI 3G+ you will get access to the Internet via WiFi for users in the car and access to online services MMI 3G + such as Google Maps, Traffic, Street View, online search in Google and Audi Connect (weather, fuel prices, travel information, city events, country information, parking information and online news).

Connecting and make settings for AMI Online Box take about 10-15 minutes. 

AMI Online Box can be used with all Audi that have MMI 3G+

You don't need additional stuff like AMI interface or something else. 

Price is 350 euro (including delivery by FedEx priority within Europe)

This price includes:

- AMI Online Box

- USB stick for 3G network - you just need to choose what cellular network you ill use

- detailed instructions in PDF

Also, manufacturer gives warranty on every AMI Online Box.

If you have any questions - just send us email to and we will kindly answer you!

For more details - please see screen below.





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